Diet the No.1 Factor in Bad Skin & Acne


Between the ages of 15 and 26 I went on 3 courses of the strong antibiotics called “Accutane” that is well known among acne sufferers. The drug had strong side effects but it did the trick and improved my skin each time.

The problem was it never lasted. Once I came off this lethal drug my skin problems returned. It was demoralising. I always assumed that as I got older my skin would naturally improve but as my twenties progressed and my skin continued to give me problems I knew something else was up.

I started researching on the internet the causes of Acne and a few articles about diet popped up. So slowly but surely I began to eat healthier and it didn’t take long for my skin to improve.

I still have breakouts though and over time I’ve learned to refine my diet and avoid foods which cause my skin problems. For me the biggest sinners are Dairy (Lactose), Wheat/Gluten, Sugar and MSG.

I also struggle with things like Red Meat & Potatoes. I began to learn that my skin problems I had during my teens and twenties were in fact down to my poor digestive system. The spots I were getting was a side effect of my bodies inability to break down certain foods. So my insides were dirty and that caused the breakouts.

By maintaining a much healthier diet through my thirties my skin is so much better. I still have problems from time to time but compared to the horrible acne I had for over a decade it’s made my life much easier.

Even today I still refine my diet looking for the perfect combination and the best way is to keep track of what you eat and how your skin reacts. This way you can begin to learn what causes your breakouts. But first and foremost I highly recommend you begin by cutting out Dairy & Gluten completely. It may seem hard but the FREE FROM sections these days in the supermarket are expanding each week and the difference you’ll notice within a week or two should be worth the effort.

Of course everyone is different so you may will react to some others foods that my body can cope with. That’s why it’s so important to keep the diary so you can start to understand what foods give you problems.


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