Breakfast Option 1


Having a gluten & dairy intollerance can make breakfast a bit of a pain in the arse. Long gone are my days when I devoured a bacon sandwich and washed it down with a glass of milk. Most cereals contain gluten or are high in sugar so are crossed off the list.

Toast is another no go. Gluten free bread is an option but just because is says “Gluten Free” doesn’t mean it’s good for you and your skin. Take a closer look at the ingredients, trust me you won’t have a clue what you are putting into your body.

And you can forget about a “Full English”. If like me you are committed to healthier skin and less breakouts then they are sacrifices you have to make.

My breakfast options have varied down the years, mainly down to trial and error. Currently my favourite is “ella” granola, made with gluten free oats. It includes nuts, maple syrup and some sunflower oil which ideally I would like to avoid but a little bit isn’t going to do us any harm.

I’ve tried every type of milk substitute. Goats milk, Almond Milk and Cocunut Milk just to name a few. But again take a look at the ingredients. There’s a lot going on there and most of them have sugar in them. So instead I opt for Apple Jucie which soaks nicely into the Granola.

I also chop up a banana and sprinkle it in honey. So you’re starting with at least 2 of your 5 a day, along with some nuts. It’s a really healthy option and trust me it tastes amazing. The Ella granola I purchase from the “Free From” section in Tesco’s. At £4 a bag it’s not cheap but then can you put a price on better skin?

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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