Day 7 – Turning a negative into a positive


Avoiding mistakes is key. I often ask myself the question. How much could I achieve in life if I never made the same mistake twice?

A lot, would probably be the answer. It’s something which can help you achieve better skin or at least feel better about yourself.

So what did I do wrong? Well my skin wasn’t great this morning. I always question why? What did I eat or do differently? 2 possible factors. 1 the Curry I had for dinner which I believe may have caused me problems in the past and I nearly left on the supermarket shelf. Or it was a slightly later night, but that was mainly down to work.

I didn’t pick the new spot which appeared on my face but I did again find myself a tad bored after lunch when work went quiet (I work from home). I looked in the mirror whilst having a bathroom stop.

That led to some pore cleansing which I am now going to call exfoliating. All I did was brush dead skin from my pores with a clean tissue. From what I’ve had recently this is something you should do every 3 or 4 days. So the fact I was able to avoid picking anything else was a positive although I still should not have been looking in the mirror.

I quickly bounced back. I think it’s important to note at any moment in time you can change. Any second you can make a conscious decision to get the best out of that moment. I did.

I got stuck back into work and then went to the gym for a rewarding weights session. On return I ate a healthy meal and did some more work before posting today’s journal entry.

So all in all despite a blemish and some unplanned exfoliating it was a good day.

This made me laugh today.


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