Day 9 – Need to stop caring


Let’s start with the positives. Something I should probably do everyday. I ate well. Cooked a lovely fritata with brocolli, carrots, chicken, prawns, onion and peppers, and of course eggs. Had it with a big portion of spinach on the side.

Did my upper body workout at the gym. I actually like what I see these days when I take my top off and look in the mirror. A long way to go but progress is being made and it is becoming evident I look after myself.

Work was decent. All 3 of my tennis tips winning. I could have been more productive though but that’s picking holes. It was a Monday after all.

My skin wasn’t great this morning and there were some blemishes I had to take care of. The annoying thing was how much I let it then bother me when going out after lunch. This leads me onto the importance of trying not to obssess so much about my skin. Not care if it’s bad. It will be most days.

I need to work on the process that I have control of. Eat well, exercise, get enough rest and not pick. So my routine could have been better. There’s no need to be worrying about my skin in the afternoon. All that should have been taken care of in the morning and then just ignore it. Let it do what it wants. Worry about doing what I can to ensure it stays as healthy as possible.

I’ve had 2 late nights recently so it’s inevitable my skin would be looking a bit tired and bumpy. Glad to say it’s only 10.20pm now and I’m already tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle writing this.

So a good day all round. Very little picking. Exercise, good diet. Just need to take it to the next level and stop caring as much. Live life to the full and enjoy all the small moments without worrying about how your skin looks. After all no-one else really gives a shit.


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