A frustrating day. Can’t exercise for the fear of my clot from my tooth extraction coming loose. So the only venture out the house was to get some salt from the garage.

That’s left me feeling frustrated and I think there is definitely a link between my mood and my picking.

My skin is ok right now. I do have a swollen ear after noticing a small blemish there and trying to pick it. Unsuccessfully so now it’s obviously worse. It doesn’t show though, I mean who looks at other peoples ears? Weird.

Still annoying I didn’t just leave it. It led to me picking a few more blackheads. Nothing major and I had control over it but still a waste of time and I makes me feel crappy.

Still need to introduce a skin routine which works better. But then again I have being saying that for years.

I was pretty good this evening. I made a list of stuff I needed to do so washed up after dinner, did my mindfulness and then stretched. Maybe I just need to extend that list to include bed and make sure I skip the picking stage.

I’m definitely heading in the right direction. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. My skin isn’t bad, not much lined up tomorrow other than counselling and showing my dad my new flat.

Then date night Friday but not overly concerned about that so keeping relaxed. Anyhow late now so time to read for a bit before another restless nights sleep no doubt. Damn tooth.


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