My Allergy to Horses & Sheep


I’ve mentioned a few times about my allergies, well it’s not just food. The real discovery came when I moved into a small cottage in the countryside adjoining a farm.

I was 27 at the time and starting to improve my diet. But then upon moving into this cottage my skin went absolutely berserk. I’d wake up every morning and my skin was red raw, new spots everyday, almost as bad as my teenage years.

I even woke up with full on impetigo one morning. Something which normally comes on slowly from a small spot, so to wake up with blisters forming under my lip was so tough to take.

I remember standing there in the doorway of my bedroom feeling lost. I’m not one for swearing but I remember thinking “What the F@~K is going on? Why is this happening to me now?”.

Having refined my diet and improved my skin prior to the move I finally concluded there was only one explanation. It was the farm. It had to be. That was the one thing that had changed in my circumastances, it had to be the cause.

My girlfriend at the time recommended an allergy test and so off I went. Low and behold among the list of foods I’ve mentioned before, notably Dairy and Wheat/Gluten I was also allergic to horse & sheep hair.

When I got back to the cottage I told the owner I would be moving out and she understand and only then she revealed my bedroom was yards away from the horses stables. I’d be sleeping within touching distance of the horses that I was allergic to. Hence why I was waking up with such bad skin.

I’ve done well to avoid horses and sheep since but have had problems with wool in clothing. I used to play golf and I came back from my rounds a few times and my skin had got worse. Eventually I realised I was wearing a 100% wool jumper. DOH.

A few years ago I went shopping in Ashford. I had a Nando’s for lunch but nothing I should react too. I tried on a few different jumpers and bought one with a small % of wool in. Woke up the next morning, Impetigo again. Only the 2nd time in my life it had appeared without any pre warning. Both times I’d come in contact with the animal hair I was allergic too.

We are all different so if you do have skin problems please go and get an allergy test. It made a huge difference to my life and it’s not just diet that can cause you problems as I found out the hard way.


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