Day 14 – Saturday Success


What a difference a day makes. Luckily my skin wasn’t too bad after yesterday. Not great but not too bad.

I did everything right today. I ate well, I worked hard, kept my flat tidy. The gym was amazing. Felt incredible walking out. I can’t recommended exerice highly enough. It will make you feel so much better about yourself.

Then in the evening where I went so horribly wrong yesterday I got it right today. Ignored my skin after my wash. Using the new face wash means quite a hard scrub so my skin will always be fragile afterwards. So important to leave it and let it rest overnight.

I think today was important as it shows you can have bad days. We all have them. The key is how you bounce back the next day. You can quickly move on and forget the past and become that better person you want to be.


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