Let’s start with the positives. Overall it was a good day. Skin wasn’t bad. I got back in the gym and did a really good session. 45 minutes cardio and my leg weights.

I ate well. I enjoyed myself on my date and the comedy show was hilarious. It’s been a while since I laughed that much.

So all good. Then I got back and it went tits up. I think analysing what went wrong is a good place to start. In this instance certain things spiralled against me which led to me picking.

Firstly it was late. I got home about 11pm. Friday is always busy on my website so I returned and had a lot of work to catch up. So now here I am past my bed time, tired and lots to do.

Then I had this new skincare product I’m trying out from Loreal. More about that later. It was the first time I used it so I was curious to see the results after washing my face.

As you know looking at your skin late at night just after you have washed your face is an absolute no-no. Most of your blemishes will be evident and it’s what I call “End of Day Skin”. It will look much worse than at any other point of the day and is likely to lead to a negative impression and picking. Which it did.

I’m writing this Saturday morning as I then needed to finish off my work and it was well gone midnight before getting to bed. My skin this morning isn’t too bad to be fair and in hindsight it was mainly just blackheads that I picked.

The beauty of life is today is a new day. So I failed yesterday. But that has no effect on how or what I achieve today or every other day going forward. So far so good today and I have a chance to put things right. The biggest factor is learn from my mistakes yesterday. Mainly the night time wash, just ignore your skin post wash and let it rest overnight.

So whilst Friday ended disappointingly I can try and ensure I don’t make that mistake again. Here’s to a successful Saturday.


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