Day 16 – Damn my poorly tooth


An up and down day. Tooth (or lack of) still hurting and just left with a massive hole in my gum. Been worrying about the term “Dry Socket” but apparently if you’ve got it, you know about it and my pain isn’t that bad.

The day was ok. Pretty much left my skin for the most part. I did pick a few blackheads at the end of the day that needed to go but the fact I left them earlier in the day knowing they would make me feel worse at the gym was a good sign.

Once again the gym was a godsend. Felt great during and after my workout. Get yourself exercising folks.

I’m not a massive dog lover but this was something that made me smile during the day. Look at the little bugger go. Awesome or what?

I do feel there were parts of the day I could have been more productive and I often feel like I’m not focused enough on individual tasks. I could achieve a lot more if I did one thing at a time and quickly moved on.

I was late to bed so am actually writing this in the morning. The sun is shining and I’m off to do a 10km training run. Hoping to beat the hour mark which would be just the 3rd time I’ve done that in over a year. I know I can do it.

Here’s to a good day!


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