My Daily Skin Reminder


I think when it comes to my skin I’m searching for what’s not achievable, unblemised skin.

What I should be telling myself is how much better my skin is than it used to be.

Acceptance and positivity are key.

So I’m writing this “Daily Skin Reminder” in the hope I’ll read it each day and it will help my progress.

  1. Your skin is so much better than it used to be now you know the importance of diet
  2. Accept you have naughty skin and live life to the full. Don’t let it own you. You only have 1 life, make the most of every day
  3. Eat healthy and drink lots of water
  4. Picking, whilst may temporarily improve the skin, will only lead to more blemishes, sore skin and make you feel bad about yourself
  5. Be Positive at every opportunity
  6. Live for the moment


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