Wed 7th March – Will Power


A good day in the whole. Skin wasn’t great but didn’t pick during the day and was in and out the bathroom at night time in 4 mins 36 seconds.

Was finding it difficult at night time though as my skin was feeling irritable and needed a lot of will power not too look. This is just because I’m so used to looking at night time, it’s a habit I’ve had for so long.

But I did reach bedtime which I’m pleased to say. Just need to keep this routine going and it will become much easier in time. I should learn to trust my skin more, knowing that if I have eaten well, drunk lots of water and not picked them the likelihood my skin will be fine.

Exercise wise I chucked in a gym session. Was hoping to go for a run but realised that was too much after yesterdays 12km in the evening.

I do feel like I am making progress. Some days will be harder than others but I just need to keep at it.

My number for the Hastings Half Marathon came through. 2 weeks Sunday. Looking forward to it this year and I know I’m much better prepared than a year ago. I think it should be far more enjoyable as a result.


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