Tue 12th March – Great Day


How was my skin today?

It was ok. A few blemishes but nothing to worry about.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

Very good today. Didn’t have much planned other than running with the club in the evening so just quickly checked for any new blemishes before heading out.

Didn’t pick or look at night time so very pleased.

Was my diet good?

Took a bit of a gamble by having some Lloyd Grossman Pasta Sauce which does have Sugar in the ingredients. But to be fair the rest is very healthy so I’m hoping it doesn’t effect me. Just wanted a bit more variation in my diet. We will see what happens.

What were the highlights of the day?

Running with the club was great. Was a tough hilly run but I felt strong and was probably the quickest in the group.

After the run I felt amazing. The stars were out and I had a moment when I just looked up, took it all in and felt great.

Work went well today. Got some of my mojo back. Less pressure on myself to produce winning tips and feeling good about it.

Bathroom Challenge

Took 21 minutes but had a nice long shower post run. Didn’t look at my skin in the mirror.

What is my current Mantra?


That’s my aim. To be the best version of myself despite my inperfections.

What made me laugh today?


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