I’m not even going to break today down into headings. I messed up. From the afternoon onwards it was a bad day.

I picked at night time as well. I did go to the football and the gym but old habits crept back in and I think I just need to alter my process slightly.

I think looking 1 hour before going out doesn’t work. It can lead to negativity if my skin isn’t great.

So the idea going forward is just to look in the morning when my skin is at it’s best. Pick any blemishes that need to go and then just leave for the rest of the day. If anything comes up during the day then so be it, I can always get it the next morning. Plus it may even sort itselfs out with my nightly face scrub so I may get blemishes I never knew existed.

Ok if I go for a date or special occasion I may look in the evening but general day to day life will involve ignoring my skin throughout the day. Let’s see how many days I can do that.


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