Wed 1st May – Bounce Back


How was my skin today?

A bit ropey but nothing major to worry about.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

What I do well now is always bounce back well if I’d had a bad day and seem to follow it up with a good day.

I looked a few times during the day but often I find this gives me confidence. As long my self talk is good. So today whilst I felt it wasn’t a good skin day I reminded myself that to other people I always look the same, even if I feel my skin isn’t that good.

So I just got on with my day. Went to the gym after lunch. Did the Hastings Run group in the evening and went to the club meeting afterwards. So all very productive and felt comfortable doing all of those things.

So even when I feel my skin may not be great it shows I can still achieve a lot.

Was my diet good?

Yes I have been very good with my diet.

What were the highlights of the day?

I did a great 10k run with the club in about 56 minutes which is brilliant for me.

What was I grateful for today?

Again my friendships I am establishing through my running. I can be even more outgoing and make more friends with deeper connections.

What was my Mantra Today?

#NoOne Notices

Telling myself that even when I feel like I’m having a bad skin day, to everyone else I just look the same. It’s me, Simon, this is how I look.


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