Southampton Half Marathon Weekend


How was my skin?

It held up well actually. The best it’s been for a while. It’s allowed me to trust it a bit more as it was a long weekend where I didn’t sleep as well as I normally would but my skin held up.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

It was good. I didn’t have much of an opportunity given how busy I was but also my skin was good. I did have a pore cleanse on Sunday evening as my skin was quite dirty after the long weekend but nothing wrong with that.

My skin didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at any point. In fact I ignored it for the best part of the weekend.

Was my diet good?

I still ate very well which is good as there can be a tendancy to be slack when away but I struck to a good diet.

What were the highlights?

The half marathon itself was very busy but the support was excellent and with my name on my race number I got some people saying “Well done Simon” which is always nice.

It was nice to spend some time with my family too. Got to spend time with all my neices and nephews and whilst it was tiring it’s important to include them in my life.

What was I grateful for?

Having family and the children that I can spend time with now and again. But it also made me grateful or my own lifestyle as I don’t think I would very good in that situation. I was glad to get home to the peace and tranquility of my own flat.

What was my Mantra?


I’m really keen to be the best version of myself and I edging closer. I would like to fast track my way there now but I am pleased with my progress.


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