Sun 2nd June – Tired PB


How was my skin today?

It was good today. No real problems

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

I only slept for 5 hours as it was a race day and I had to be up super early. So was a bit tired in the evening and I did have a little pick of a few pores but nothing major. Under control which is key and knew when to stop. Still need to learn this is a danger time when tired and to avoid it in future.

Was my diet good?

Yes I ate well. 3 Nakd bars a bit excessive but no harm done.

What were the highlights of the day?

I got a 10km PB. This time it was totally expected due to the training and hard work I have been putting in.

But I still went out and did it. It was warm and I’d not slept great so to run the quickest 10k of my life is something not to underestimate.

I’m not going to lie though. As happy as I was I was still a little disappointed with my efforts. I feel I can push myself harder and get quicker but there is always time for that.

What was I grateful for today?

My own determination. I’ve now had PBs at 4 different distances this year. Just the 5k to complete the set.


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