Tue 4th June – So Proud


How was my skin today?

It was ok, nothing to worry about too much.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

I did have a pore cleanse in the afternoon which was a tad naughty but no real picking as such, so feel it’s mainly under control these days and was telling myself the right things about how it doesn’t show and no-one cares.

Was my diet good?

I did eat well yes.

What were the highlights of the day?

We had a club race in the evening. Arguably the toughest race of the year. A 3 lap course around Fairlight Country Park. Pretty much straight down hill then straight back up. It’s brutal.

Having done 40km in the past 4 days my legs were tired. I was struggling. It had been raining all day and the ground was wet. At times I felt like I needed to stop but I dug deep and just kept plodding, super slow up the hills but I still found a strong finish.

I was quite emotional after the race. Proud of myself for not giving up and completing that tough challenge. I went round and congratulated as many fellow runners as I could and got some really good hugs. People are starting to expect it from me now. 1 guy even came back for a 2nd bigger hug which I loved.

What was I grateful for today?

My running friends again. I love these guys so much. They mean the world to me and have changed my life for the better.


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