Fri 7th June – Coaching Again


How was my skin today?

It wasn’t bad.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

Acceptance is becoming a huge part of my routine now. I focused too long on my skin before heading out to coach Hastings Runners for a 2nd time.

But I’m beginning to accept it’s imperfections which are a result of things beyond my control. That’s helping me pick less and love myself more.

Was my diet good?

A good day with my diet. Stir Fry for my main meal and chicken salad for my 2nd meal. Lots of fruit, veg and nuts.

What were the highlights of the day?

Probably the first reponse I got about talking to people about their running. It’s been positive and people so far are keen to get involved.

What was I grateful for today?

I turned the TV on for the first time this week to watch the tennis. Turned it off 5 mins later as it was annoying me. Grateful for my new mindset.

What made me laugh today?


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