Wed 3rd July – Kind Words


How was my skin today?

My back is still not great but nothing to worry about on my face.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

Pretty good. A few pores cleaned, which I could have left and looked in the mirror too many times but still totally under control.

I was in the gym though, my first time in my new gym and I found myself looking at my knees. I’ve never looked at my knees before. They are wierd, all bumpy and nobbly. But I never obsess about them, I’ve never even looked at them for more than a few seconds.

It just got me thinking. Stop looking at your face. It is what it is. Looking won’t change that, just make you feel bad. Just get on with life with the face and knees you have.

Was my diet good?

Yes. Although didn’t drink enough in the evening having gone to a meeting at around 7.30pm.

What were the highlights of the day?

We had a club meeting for Hastings Runners which I now attend and I’m getting more involved with. Some kind words were said. “You are the future” was one comment. I’ve also been approached for the Vice Chairman Role and was told how “popular” I was within the club which is nice to here.

That’s not a role I want but I have offered to overhaul the club website as it’s pretty terrible. They were willing to pay me but I can’t accept money for it.

What was I grateful for today?

The kind words spoken about me within my running club. It is now a huge part of my life.


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