Tues 9th July – Bad Habits


How was my skin today?

Not great, but much of it self inflicted.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

2 pretty poor days to be honest. Just got sloppy. Spent too much time in my flat. Need to get out and about

As soon as I was out with my running friends I was fine. It lifted my spirts so much.

Was my diet good?

Yep. That’s the one thing which seems to remain positive at all times.

What were the highlights of the day?

I took a coaching session for Hastings Runners tonight. Only 3 of us in the group but it was an awesome run. Really pushed hard.

Plus I got to interact with my running friends before and after the run. I’ve had a reply from someone on POF that I’ve been really keen on. Took me 5 messages to get her to finally reply but fingers crossed, you never know.

What was I grateful for today?

My running friends turned my day around. I love them to bits and they say such nice things to me.


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