Thu 11th July – New strategies


How was my skin today?


How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

Not great. Had an afternoon picking session on my back, but left my face at least. Disappointing though. But it did lead me to introduce a new strategy. A game if you like. Seeing how long I can go without picking. I’ll keep track of my progress here on the site.

How long did I go (or have I gone) without picking?

14 and a half hours. That’s the benchmark. Need to beat that tomorrow now

Was my diet good?


What were the highlights of the day?

Beating my dad at Squash is always an enjoyable experience.

What was I grateful for today?

My health. One of my running friends was diagnosed with “Heart Block” which is going to effect her training. I should be grateful I don’t have those issues #touchwood

How did I sleep?

I want to start focusing on sleep too. My sleep patterns are lazy and my routine is poor. I started reading a book by a sleep expert so I’m going to take his advice. It’s all about sleep cycles. 90 min cycles.

I got 4 yesterday. 5 is the daily aim. I hope to get up much earlier, go to bed earlier and even nap in the afternoon. Turning off my computer, TV and phone 90 mins before going to bed is also a key element of this new concept.


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