Fri 12th July – Early Rise


How was my skin today?

Yeah it’s not actually too bad.

How was my picking/attitude to my skin?

A pretty good day to be honest. Went for an early morning walk having woken up early and did a 10K race in the evening. Never felt uncomfortable about my appearance.

How long did I go (or have I gone) without picking?

15 hours and 15 minutes. New record. Find myself just picking without realising and just need to stop that.

Was my diet good?


What were the highlights of the day?

Being told my a running friend I was a great ambassoder for the club as we ran a 10K that evening.

What was I grateful for today?

The respect I get from fellow running friends.

How did I sleep?

Still not great. Feeling the pressure of getting to sleep on time to hit the cycles which is completely against the point. Can always catch up. I believe I got 5 cycles with my nap. I just need to train myself to sleep at the same time each day.


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