Sat 28th Sept – Proud


My skin reacted to something yesterday and I had a blemish come up. In fact it was more one of my pores being infected which causes my skin to swell up slightly.

In the past I would have tried to get rid of it straight away by picking it, thus making it much worse and far more noticeable.

But now I leave it alone. It hasn’t got worse. Probably no one else notices it other than me and in time hopefully it will just go without too much fuss.

I’m really proud of myself for this approach.

I worked fairly hard during the day. The highlight was my 10 mile run around the park. Something felt very right. As if this was what I was meant to be doing, running. My mind was clear, it was an easy run, but I loved it. I want to run more, I want to run quicker and I want to encourage others to run.

That I feel is where my future lies.


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