Mon 30th Sept – Annoying Skin


So my skin is still giving me some agro in the form of one blemish which has my skin slightly swollen. Like I said, in the past I would have made this much worse by picking. So the fact I have left it and it hardly shows is a real positive.

In previous times making it worse would have then led to me hiding away from people and not getting out of the house. So whilst my skin isn’t great at the moment I’ve done what I would normally do an attended track and ran with friends. Did they notice my bad skin? I doubt it.

The blemish did pop (gross) after a warm shower, it’s still lingering but hopefully one more day leaving it will see it go and it won’t need to pop again.

It has led to me focusing on my skin a little more and I did pick a few blackheads but again felt there was at least an element of control.

I’m going to look into laser skin relujuvination to see if I can improve my scaring and reduce some of my pores which are always getting clogged up. It’s not that cheap but I think it could be well worth it in the long run if my skin improves as a result.


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