Thu 3rd October – Struggling


So I’m struggling this week. My skin has been giving me problems and I’ve been worrying about the consequences rather than the processes.

All we can control is our own actions. Somedays our skin will be bad, others it will be ok. What we can do is ensure when it is bad we still live our lives in the same way, as much as possible, not letting out skin dominate who we are.

What we can control is the process. Those actions that can effect our skin going forward. Eating well, sleeping well, not picking. Even on days when our skin is bad, if we do those things we should be happy with ourselves.

That’s all I can control. I’m off to run my first Marathon this weekend, travelling down to Bournemouth tomorrow and staying for 2 nights. My skin is likely to still be bad but I can’t control that.

This is a weekend I can’t ever get back. I can spend the whole weekend worrying about my bad skin or I can just ignore it, focus on the processes I can control and have a memorable weekend.


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