Tues 8th Oct – OK Day


So with my new mantra firming on the tip of my tongue “I rather have bad skin that pick”, what did I do?

Obviously I picked. But changing a lifetime habit overnight is nigh on impossible so I’m not too upset. What I did is keep repeating that message so at least when it come to checking my skin I wasn’t obliged to pick too much.

A long weekend and some missed hours with my head on the pillow have left me tired and my skin not great. But it’s nothing major and no-one will notice.

A pretty quiet day yesterday but I was productive and got a lot done. Still that little time wasted in the evening, looking and picking, is something I need to address.

I sent out a message to a local skin clinic to enquire about laser treatment to help with the scarring on my cheeks. I’m interested to have this treatment now, to improve my skin and increase my confidence. I’ve yet to get a reply which is always disappointing. I will ring them this afternoon if I don’t hear back.

Time to get going on another productive day.


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