So I’m writing this on Monday morning. 48 hours on from my Laser Treatment.

It was actually quite painful, especially when it hit one of my scars. Nothing too bad though but just uncomfortable.

There were no side effects, my skin felt better that evening, as if it was tighter but not much has changed since. To be fair they said it would be 4 or 5 sessions before I notice a difference.

So at the moment I can’t comment on how effective it is but I wouldn’t put anyone off if you worried about it being painful or causing side effects.

The evening before I’d attended a party with my beard missing. No one mentioned it. Being among friends I felt fine.

My running is going well right now which is acting as a really positive distraction. I had a pore cleanse last night. My normal tired sunday pick but it was totally in control and just brushing my pores with a clean tissue.

My skin hasn’t been too bad. A blemish over the weekend which cleared up on it’s own. I need to work on my sleep routine though as haven’t been sleeping great and getting up too late.


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