Mon 21st October – Tired skin


I’m tired and my skin shows.

Choices. We get to make choices every day. I keep making bad ones.

Go to bed at the same time. Get up at the same time.

These routines I know will help me massively in the long run but I continue to ignore it. Time to start following it, even if the short term consequences are negative.

I need to leave my skin alone at night time. I will always pick. But if I only pick in the morning I’m likely to make far better decisions, knowing I have to live with the consequences for the rest of the day.

I made my skin worse by picking a blemish last night. To be fair it was ready to go, but often they get worse before getting better.

Time to listen to my own advice. I have a great routine when it comes to diet and running. I just need to add that to skin care, sleep and work. Get all 5 of those aspects of my life spot on and I know I will be happy.


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