Fri 25th Oct – Bumpy skin


My skin is giving me some grief. Bumpy skin as I like to call it. Nothing major.

I think it must be something to do with the laser treatment. It’s logically that if new skin is trying to work its way from beneath the surface the old skin has to go somewhere.

My skin has been quite flakey, my pores have been spitting out crap more than ever and some of my regular blemishes have come to the forefront.

Still hopefully in 6 months time, once all my laser treatment has been done I’ll have much better skin and these problems won’t be such an issue. I’m finding it tough to believe right now but you never know.

As for my picking, well it wasn’t too bad. I still had a pore cleanse and could really have left alone but I got out the house, went to visit my folks.

My friends invited me for a curry. Now this creates a small dilemma in it’s risky what goes in them. I always ask for gluten/dairy free but you still never know. Plus with my skin bad I wasn’t that keen so I was just honest. I told them I was grumpy because of my skin and that I would let them know in the morning. And you know what, rather than make up some bullshit excuse, I felt good about being honest.

On a positive note I got out for a good 10K run before breakfast. Loving my running so much right now. If I can get the miles in Sunday it will be another record week.


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