Monday 28th October – Doing ok


Just plodding along really. Doing pretty well. Picking has improved. A couple of blemishes that needed attention but that’s just how my life is. Lots of people get spots, deal with it.

With winter now set in and the weather changing other problems may crop up. The skin may be more sensitive. It’s just a case of being kind to the skin and body. Eating well, using any face scrubs or creams that work for you and of course only picking when a spot is ready to go.

It seems I’ve had no real adverse effects from my curry at the weekend which is a bonus. I have my second laser treatment this weekend. At the moment I’ve not really noticed a difference but hopefully in time I’ll see improvements.

Some days I wake up and my skin feels good, others it is feeling irritable. But I still feel like I’m heading in the right direction and that is always very important to me.


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