Thursday 31st October – Triggers


Apologies for not posting for a few days. This week has been ok. Picking hasn’t been too bad. I’ve found myself saying “Step Back” when I get in front of the mirror. That way I look at myself how others see me, not how I see myself (millimetres from the mirror highlighting my imperfections). Counting to 10 looking from a distance changes my perspective of my skin, making me realise it’s not actually that bad.

I’ve also been considering what the triggers are that get me in front of the mirror in the first place. Normally it’s feeling a blemish I didn’t know was there. I then feel inclined to go and have a look.

The solution for this is to have designated pick times. So if I feel something, leave it until that evening, when it’s time to check and I’ll feel like I have more control over the situation and approach it with more care, rather than just diving straight in, picking the blemish and making it worse.

Waking up (7.30am) and then in the evening (5pm, ideal if going out later) are my two picking times. There really isn’t any other time of the day I need to look at myself in the mirror. If I do get a blemish come up I know it will only be there for a few hours at the most and remember “no one else actually gives a shit”.


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