Sunday 3rd November – Happy


A happy day. Did the Beckley 10K and so many of my friends from the running club were there. I was in good spirits and didn’t feel uncomfortable about my skin. There were plenty of runners there having problems of their own and several with worse skin than me.

I was in good form chatting to lots of people and felt like my positive mood enhanced the experience for others which is something I like to achieve.

For the most part over the weekend my picking has been good. I’ve picked a few blackheads but left a lot more. I’ve started getting verbal with myself when I’m standing in front of the mirror when I shouldn’t be.

I’ve found myself saying things like “What the fuck are you doing here?, sod off dickhead” and quickly moving away. “Step back” is another phrase I’m using so I look at myself like others see me.

I had my 2nd laser surgery on Friday and whilst it seems to have made my skin less red, I’ve seen no real improvement in my large pores. Hopefully a few more sessions and I’ll start to see the difference.


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