Tuesday 19th November – Doing good


I can’t even remember the last time I posted in here. I’m doing pretty well. My skin isn’t actually that great and I have been picking, but it’s under control.

I’ve allocated two picking times, in the morning then around 5pm. Now when I get tempted in the evening and see the mirror the voice in my head shouts “DON’T YOU FUCKING DEAR” or simply “FUCK OFF” repeatedly.

I’m not one for swearing but in my head my language is atrocious but with that comes more power to my words. I can convince myself not to look in the mirror and not to pick.

Now when I do look I always step back to a reasonable distance and count to 10. This is to ensure I am looking at myself the way others see me. More often than not I like what I see. It’s very different to the skin I see when I press my face against the mirror searching for tiny imperfections.

Running has helped me massively. I had a 5K PB on Sunday. The response was incredible. I have more lovely people in my life than ever before. I feel blessed. I was in such a silly mood Monday I went to track in my onesie. What a twat but everyone loved it. At least I think they did.

I drove to track that evening and I had the thought “I like myself more now that ever before”. That is huge. Onwards and upwards.

I need some sleep though as I’ve had a lot on my mind and not slept great which never helps your skin. A nice early night tonight and just relax, lie there and enjoy the bed.


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