Sunday 24th November – Impetigo Day 4


I guess this is Day 4 of what will be 10 days of Impetigo. The fucker always hangs around longer than you expect. But the thing is, this time I don’t really give a shit.

Once the impetigo goes there will be something else I will worry about. So I’ve just been getting on with life, albeit I’m lucky in these scenarios I work from home, but I’ve been out running.

Today I’ll head to track. It shows but it’s not too bad and no-one will give a shit. Plus I know everyone there. They knows it me. I’m still Simon, just with a little scabby face.

When looking at the mirror I’ve now started counting to 20 when I step back and look at myself from a distance. I look different. I like what I see. Not the imperfect skin full of blemishes that I see with my face pressed to the glass. This has made a huge difference and something I highly recommend if you too are obsessed with your skin and worry about appearance. Give it a go dickheads.


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