Monday 2nd December – Be the Best at what you do


I felt lost Monday. My business is on the brink. To be fair I gave up a long time ago. It deserves to fold. But it’s not dead yet. I have a choice. Give up or fight.

Everyone has a choice. No matter what you do in life in the way of a job, you have the option just to ride it out or be the best you can. Whether it’s the best Postman, the best Nurse or the best Checkout person. Be the best.

This will make you feel so much better about yourself. You should enjoy your job more as well. I’m lucky in the job I have but I’ve taken it for granted. Now I feel ready to be the best website owner I can be. The best sports betting tipster I can be. I’m ready to fight again. And if it fails then so be it. As long as I go down fighting.

Then whatever my new venture is, I’ll take that on full steam ahead and do that to the best of my ability. Even if it’s stacking shelves in the supermarket. I’ll be the best fucking shelf stacker ever!!!


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