Monday 9th December – Spots


Spots. Accept them. We are not the only people who get spots. If you take a while to look around the next time you are out you’ll be amazed at how many people get spots.

The thing is we don’t pay any attention to anyone’s skin yet we obsess about our own. What do you think other people are doing? They are not looking at that spot you’ve been worrying about all day. They don’t give a shit. They’ve probably not even seen it. They are too busy worry about their little blemish that you’ve not even seen.

That’s because we look at over people as a whole. We look at their whole body, not just their face, definitely not just that tiny blemish on their chin. But yet when we look at ourselves all we see is that spot, the one we zoom in on when we look in front of the mirror.

Stop doing it. Cover it if need be and then realise no one else gives a shit.


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