Wednesday 11th December – Long Run


Running is my saviour. Today I did my weekly long run. 30km. There were some amazing moments. Unexpected moments. Moments which made me appreciate just how good life is. 3km in and probably around 8.30 am the sun appeared from behind the clouds and glistened over the English Channel. At the same moment “Somewhere over the Rainbow” started playing on my iPhone. The version from the end of 50 First Date. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it.

It was just one of those magical moments where everything was perfect and if I hadn’t gone out for my run I would never have experienced. Later in the run I came across some running friends doing their own routes. One even caught me up and we ran together for 6 or 7 km chatting away. The fact it was unexpected made it even better.

When I’m running I never think about my skin. Those you are running with won’t be looking at you but ahead, to spot any impending dangers. In a race those supporters on the sidelines I just see as cheerleaders and I’m sure all they are thinking is how amazing it is to see runners tackling the challenge and wishing they had that determination.

I hated running when I took it up, but as I continued to improve and make more friends it’s become my lifeline. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Even if your first run only last 2 or 3 minutes. Just slowly build up, week by week. My first-ever run lasted 8 minutes and now I can comfortably go over 3 hours without a second thought. You can do it, anything is achievable and the benefits, including improved skin are great.


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