Monday 16th Decembe – Winter Skin Routine


Winter skin can be tough. The cold weather, the effect of central heating. I get redness either side of my nose, in between my eyebrows and around my chin. I manage to keep it under wraps using my Head & Shoulders shampoo. I only use a very small amount and in the evening just use the lather in my hands from washing my hair to clean the areas which get red.

I then use Loreal Men Expert Charcoal face wash which leaves my skin feeling very clean. I only use this at night. Finally to the areas which get red I apply Simple Water Boost cream. All these seem to keep my issues at bay. Otherwise, I’d find my skin getting red and then it goes flaky.

At the moment my skin is behaving itself. After my last laser treatment my pores are spitting out dirt again but no-one else will notice, not that anyone else cares.


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